Disco star Benny Mayengani graduates!

TSONGA disco star Benny Mayengani Baloyi finally bagged his degree.
TSONGA disco star Benny Mayengani Baloyi finally bagged his degree.

TSONGA disco star Benny Mayengani Baloyi finally bagged his degree.

The 43-year-old musician from Shawela Block 7 Tzaneen in Limpopo said he didn’t just want to inspire young people but also make education fashionable.

The musician graduated this week at the University of Joburg’s Soweto Campus in Bachelor of Arts in Public Management and Governance.

On Twitter, he said he is dedicating his degree to his late mum, Mamayila Baloyi. The star known for hits such as Swami Fanela, Malambani and Nomzano received lots of congratulatory messages from his supporters and industry friends.

He told Daily Sun: “I’m overwhelmed with lots of emotions as I’m the first graduate in my immediate family. I was at university for five years,” he said.

He said he previously registered with Unisa a while ago but he had to drop out and focus on his music career due to financial reasons.

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The musician said it was not easy as he was the breadwinner of his family.

“I made it because of perseverance, determination, ambition and hunger for success. My vision beyond music gave me the energy to never drop the pen,” he said.

The star said part of his future plan is to be a profession in his field of study.

He said he would be dropping his latest album on 1 August.

“I will be dropping my new album. I also want to do fill up Giyani Stadium on 3 September. I will also be embarking on a journey to inspire young people to take school seriously. Education adds value,” he said.

“To my fans, firstly, I thank you for the support of more than a decade. Secondly, for being patient with me as I was under immense pressure studying and making sure I surpass their expectations musically,” he said.

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