Presenter does not regret dumping Ukhozi FM!

Siya Mhlongo’s debut on Metro FM went well.        Photo by Jabulani Langa
Siya Mhlongo’s debut on Metro FM went well. Photo by Jabulani Langa

AFTER he was removed behind the microphone by Ukhozi FM last month, Siya Mhlongo has found himself a new home on Metro FM.

From Sunday 1 May, Siya filled Khaya Mthethwa’s vacancy to co-host the Metro FM Sunday morning show, The Sacred Space, alongside Thami Ngubeni. Speaking during his introduction, Siya said he was excited and nervous to be on Metro FM.

“As much as I have been around radio for 16 years, this is a new chapter and I’m going to take it as a baby. I trust you to hold my hand and I’m excited,” he said.

His debut on the station went well as fans took turns to welcome and congratulate him on his new job.

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Zamazulunkosi said: “Siya, God is great. I’ve known you from your show at 4am at Ukhozi FM. Now you are on Metro FM. You mature like wine. Bro, I like your English and Zulu. The prayer today by you and sis Thami beni on fire. God bless you and prosper you.”

Darkshireqata said: “What a wonderful duo! God’s chosen vessels, handpicked by angels. You and Thami are bringing back hope in this broken world. You light up the world and when joined together my light becomes more brighter. Your prayers bought me to tears this morning. May God continue to bless you abundantly. Thank you Jesus, Hallelujah.”

Siya used to co-host Ukhozi FM’s afternoon drive-time show with Selby Mkhize but was removed from the radio to be an Ukhozi FM TV (vodcast) presenter.

SABC spokeswoman Gugu Ntuli said: “Metro FM management can confirm that Mhlongo has joined the station’s Sunday programme, The Sacred Space from 1 May and will continue serving the audience of Ukhozi FM on its vodcast platform.”

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