Far cry from new dawn! - Nkosemntu Stuurman, Nyanga


President Cyril Ramaphosa, your lungs are running dry from your vocalism over corruption emanating from your party mates.

You know what’s wrong and right.

When the eastern parts of the country were ravaged by erosive floods, you reassured weary citizens that the funds for rebuilding the areas affected would be appropriately handled. When the crawling South African economy was crippled by looters, your oversight in the security cluster was questioned and you were subservient to the relevant structures because you are a law-abiding citizen.

When Covid-19 snuck onto our shores, it tested your resilience and you didn’t back down.

You kept us stuck to our television screens for frequent evening family meetings because you knew we needed such hope.

Surprisingly, Russia invaded Ukraine and everyone was longing to consume your reaction and stance on the matter. You threaded carefully with it. Your tenure has been a horrific and burdened one. You boarded a rocking boat and held onto it firmly. Your economic recovery efforts are blemished and tainted by your colleagues’ acts of corruption.

Hopefully this will all go down when the sun sets, and we shall see the benefits of the New Dawn.

- Letter by Nkosemntu Stuurman, Nyanga

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