People, get Googling! - Albert Hlongwane, Hammanskraal


“How to overthrow a government?”

This is what we all should be Googling because our country is burning. This is a country that can’t keep the lights on but has R22 million to spend on a “useless” monumental flag.

This is a country that recently amended the national minimum wage from R3 500 to R3 700, while essential employee incentives such as housing allowance and medical aid are not part of the package. These are for high earners, proving once again that the redistribution of wealth is nothing but idle talk. Currently our timelines are flooded with beautiful pictures of graduates.

Sadly, some of them will join the already increasing number of graduates who have resorted to standing at intersections holding placards listing their qualifications and experience, hoping to land a job. Meanwhile, drug dealers and ATM bombers move from mansion to mansion. And I thought crime does not pay.

If this does not trigger a rebellion, I don’t know what will.

- Letter by Albert Hlongwane, Hammanskraal

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