Deliver us from this evil tjotjo! - Kgothatso Mphuthi, Chiawelo


Bribery, while illegal, makes the world go round.

Bribery is quite rampant in politics.

It is endorsed and given a fancy name: “lobbying”.

This is the pandemic that has swept over South Africa.

It is and it is a common subject practically in every conversation among South Africansa decay that must be confronted and eradicated from the South African public and private sectors.

Fighting against corruption must be part of every South African’s daily routine so that our country is cleansed of this evil or else the republic is destined to be shredded into pieces and anarchy..

We help corruption to thrive when we admire and elect politicians who disregard the rule of law by giving and receiving bribes. The problem with us is that we have treated bribery the way we perceive sorcery. It is something we are blind to among our own, but quick to hunt for among others. It is a legal and legislative puzzle.

- Letter by Kgothatso Mphuthi, Chiawelo

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