Mankind’s pleading for peace - Farouk Araie, Joburg


There are violent conflicts raging across the world today.

They are consuming the lives of millions of innocent civilians who played no role in these brutal wars.

Some of these wars could lead to monumental catastrophes should escalation and intervention enter the combat arena.

Let this stand as a reminder to all the warmongers that the entire human race is slipping and sliding towards all kinds of wickedness, enmeshed in crimes against humanity, immersed up to their bowels in every kind of brutal behaviour which could lead us on to a collision course that will surely spell the ultimate demise of mankind.

No longer able to bear so many horrors, mankind is pleading for peace in our lifetime.

We are being held captive by groups of satanic warmongers, soiled with dreams of global conquest.

We are mere pawns in a titanic struggle for global supremacy.

- Letter by Farouk Araie, Joburg

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