HAPPIER TIMES: Actress Zinhle Mabena with husband, Robert          Mugabe        Ngwenya.        Photo from          Facebook
HAPPIER TIMES: Actress Zinhle Mabena with husband, Robert Mugabe Ngwenya. Photo from Facebook

ACTRESS Zinhle Mabena’s estranged husband Robert Mugabe Ngwenya is in hot water with the law.

This after the North Gauteng High Court issued a warrant for his arrest on Friday last week in accordance with his violation of the protection order Zinhle obtained in December

Zinhle opened a case of assault and damage to property against Robert in September.

The warrant of arrest, which Daily Sun has seen, came after the Isibaya actress spent a night in jail.

She was unlawfully arrested for the alleged attempted murder of Robert.

Robert then claimed Zinhle used to physically abuse him. The People’s Paper has seen the interim protection order filed by Zinhle in December. It ordered Robert not to “assault, threaten, verbally and emotionally abuse and stalk Zinhle”.

Asked about the warrant of arrest, protection order and case opened against Robert, his lawyer Shani van Niekerk said they had not seen the warrant.

“We’ve not seen the copy of the warrant of arrest, neither has my client.

“My client only knows about the warrant through what’s being alleged in the media.

“The police haven’t contacted him, neither has he been arrested. The police haven’t been to his home. We’d like to confirm he’s not by any means contravened any protection order against him. Those are allegations to cause a stir in the media.”

Van Niekerk said she was aware of the protection order. “We’re aware of the interim protection order they’re talking about that was granted against him.

“We’re opposing it and approaching the court on an urgent basis.”

They were not aware of the assault charge Zinhle laid.

“It’s all hearsay. In fact, he’s the one who has assault charges laid against Miss Mabena, but those matters are still sub-judice and the court is still investigating,” she said.

Speaking on behalf of Zinhle, her lawyer, Joshua Lazarus, said the warrant of arrest was issued because of several contraventions of the domestic violence order emanating from “emotional, psychological, economic and financial abuse”.

“He’s not been arrested as the police cannot locate him,” he said. He explained why the protection order was sought against his client’s estranged husband.

“The protection order was opened owing to physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, economic and financial abuse after an incident where our client was assaulted and her car tyres were maliciously slashed by Mr Ngwenya.

“The case is still active and the police are purportedly opposing it.”

Spokesman Captain Kay Makhubele said: “Police went out to look for the husband and he was not found at the address.

“The other cases of assault and malicious damage to property are still under investigation. Dockets were taken to SPP.”

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