A glimpse into the lives of five Mzansi queens

Lucky Mthembu will be part of The Queens of Mzansi.
Lucky Mthembu will be part of The Queens of Mzansi.

SABC1 is about to introduce a hard-hitting reality TV show that will showcase the lives of five strong women.

The show called The Queens of Mzansi follows Paloma “Lolo” Mlunjwana, Ntombifuthi Mthembu, Siphelele Petunia Makhanya, Lucky Unganqotshwa Mthembu and Samkelisiwe “Samke” Mhlongo.

The women have all gone through different situations and came out on top.

Miss SA Teen 2009 first princess and model, Lucky Unganqotshwa Mthembu (31), spoke to Daily Sunabout the show.

“It is about five strong black women who have gone through some hardships in their lives and are somehow misunderstood.

“Each one of us represents what some woman out there is going through.

“We want to tell people that regardless of what they go through in life, what God has in store for them can still happen,” she said.

The Queens of Mzansi is about women who have gone through gender-based violence, financial issues and some have gone through divorces.”

Lucky was a victim of abuse and she will be sharing that part of her life on the show.

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“I was in a very abusive relationship that turned my entire life upside down and I had to start everything from scratch.

“At the beginning, I felt like I had met my Prince Charming but then he became emotionally and physically abusive,” she said.

“He put me in hospital once and I left him. In the midst of that, he became a suspect in my mum’s murder after I left the relationship.

“When he realised that I wasn’t coming back to him, he hired hitmen for me. I had to disappear for four years,” she said.

She said she wants to give a message of hope and strength to gender-based violence victims.

“What I went through was a lot and God really helped me to get out of it. I want to be a source of hope for someone who might be going through the same thing.

“For me, being on the show is about getting the message out there,” she said.

Lucky also shared that she has started a non-profit organisation that helps gender-based violence victims.

“I decided to start Nokuthula Legacy because of everything I went through.

“The whole idea of starting an NGO was to help women who are in abusive situations and are at loggerheads with the justice system.

“I’m taking all my experiences and using them to help other women. We also use it to debunk the ‘indoda ayikhali (men don’t cry)’ mentality,” said Lucky.

The Queens of Mzansi premieres on SABC1 on Monday, 15 August, at 9pm.

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