The moment SunLand has been waiting for has finally arrived!

Tonight sees the start of the second season of our highly anticipated and much-loved show, Sun’Ceda!

After months of preparations and shooting under a strict deadline, the SunPower show, which is hosted by seasoned presenter and musician Stoan Seate, will premier tonight on Mzansi Wethu at 6.30pm.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the Bongo Maffin group member said he can’t wait for Mzansi to witness what they have in store for them.

“It is always exciting to see the completion of any project being out there for the world to absorb, especially one that you have put your heart and soul in. I can’t wait to see how people react to the slight change as we have switched up the format of the show a bit,” he said.

The award-winning musician said it has been amazing.

“I was working with a wonderful crew who made it easy for me. But more than anything I am glad I took up this role of hosting this show as it allowed me to tap into another side of myself as I am a very compassionate and empathic person. I can easily put myself in someone’s shoes and see life through their perspective.”

The new season would not have been possible without the support of 1Life insurance, which sponsored the show.

Daily Sun and Stoan are super grateful for their support.

“Without them, the show would not have continued to impact positively on the lives of South Africans, and I am deeply grateful.

“I hope that they continue to support shows like ours in the creative industry that are aimed at nation-building as they are important for societal growth and change,” he said.

In the first episode, Mzansi will be introduced to Tina who hopes to honour her mum who single-handedly takes care of their family.

Stoan shares that this episode is going to warm people’s hearts.

Join us each week as Sun’Ceda season 2 airs on a Thursday at 6.30pm, only on Mzansi Wethu, DStv channel 163.