MANY people have lost their lives due to Covid-19.

And this causes anxiety whenever someone tests positive. This is why Asnath Pete from Ledig Village outside Rustenburg, North West, wants to share the importance of being positive when fighting the virus.

Speaking to Daily Sun about her Covid-19 recovery, the 42-year-old said she tested positive in August after she attended two funerals.

She said she experienced body pains for two weeks and kept getting cold.

“Covid-19 is really a tough reality to fight. However, prayer and positivity helped me maintain my calm,” she said.

“I believe losing your mind makes you weak. Hence, I encourage people to avoid negativity at all costs. Keeping a positive attitude will give your body the strength to fight back,” she said.

Asnath said a lot of people were becoming more open and educated about the virus.

“This is what made me feel free to share my recovery. I survived Covid-19 even though it was not easy. I believe my story will give others the strength to remain hopeful and positive.

“Covid-19 still lives among us. Let’s wear our masks at all times, maintain social distancing and sanitise. We should also avoid crowded places.”