As we intensify our efforts to regain an aura of normality under level 1, we run the grave risk of assisting the second wave of coronavirus.

Infections will probably rebound and could force authorities to reinstate higher lockdown levels.

Covid-19 fatigue could create a false sense of security resulting in laxity.


A progressive decline in vigilance will pose a deadly threat to our well-being as we ignore cardinal rules of safety and survival.

Infectious disease models are never static and several unknowns could significantly alter the trajectory of the second, and third waves.

According to experts, a second wave may cause a more severe course due to the weakened immunity during self-isolation. They believe it is possible to contract the virus repeatedly.

If we lower our guard and allow the second wave to mutate into something more lethal, the consequent pandemic would make the current one look small.

- Letter by Farouk Araie, from Benoni