RISING star Una Rams has dedicated his recent mixtape, titled Hold Me When It’s Cold, to his girlfriend.

The 25-year-old musician, whose real name is Unarine Rambani, released the project two months ago, inspired by him missing his girlfriend.

Speaking to Sun Buzz, Una from Makwarela in Venda, Limpopo, said: “This project feels like a happy mistake. I was working on my upcoming album, Crush and played it for my manager. When she asked me when I wanted to drop it, I said in winter, but she disagreed and said it was not a winter project.

“I was a bit disappointed, but told her I would work on another project and release it in winter. That’s how Hold Me When It’s Cold came about.”

He said he started thinking of the songs in R&B that made sense for the winter months.


“I wanted to make a beautiful soundtrack for intimate moments. Some songs were inspired by being separated from my girlfriend during the lockdown. She and I usually play R&B and neo soul from back in the day, which is what inspired most of the projects,” said the singer.

Una, who has been in love with music from a young age, said it had always been a priority to him.

“I grew up in a church-loving and -going family. That is where I leared to play some instruments, which started my foundation with music. In my high school years I would record, but the songs sounded like demos. I then moved to Gauteng to study computer science at the University of Pretoria,” he said.

“There, I met a friend who was a producer and had proper equipment for recording. We recorded and I was so blown away by how amazing I sounded. So, I started taking it more seriously. That’s when I started getting gigs,” added Una.

He will be dropping his album, Crush, early next year. He said people should expect something different.

“The fun part is that I’m such a wild card when it comes to music. You can never really know what to expect next. For example on Hold Me When It’s Cold, people didn’t expect me to go full R&B but I did. I think I just want to have fun with this album and push myself. I’m planning on dropping it next year,” he said.

Hold Me When It’s Cold is available on digital streaming platforms.