Popular TV series Scandal! has proven that there’s some truth behind the saying “love conquers all”.

Love has won on the show as Lerumo and Seipati finally got their happy ending following a relationship filled with ups and downs.

Their relationship has been heavily tested, from a crazy ex-boyfriend threatening their lives to leaving their lavish lives and living in a shack.

Hopefully their story is a lesson to many others out there that love sometimes isn’t kind, but you have to be strong and anchor each other.

On Skeem Saam, things are heating up as Leeto has decided to collaborate with a shared enemy of the Matlogas to help him take them down.

He has made a deal with the devil himself, Lehasa Maphosa.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out and who will win the battle, especially because both Mary and Lehasa know how to play dirty.


On The Legacy, Gordon’s world is turned upside down when he is visited by a ghost from the past.

He now faces the pain of a love he thought he’d left behind.

Ramon makes a comeback in Gordon’s life after he vanished and continued in the path expected of him by his family, as a gay man pressured by his family to marry a woman.

He left him without an explanation or farewell.

He is back to apologise for the way he walked out of his life and hopes to rekindle their love.

Will Gordon will let bygones be bygones after the heartache he caused him when he disappeared?