TEARS were the order of the day as friends and colleagues bid farewell to TV host Luyanda Potwana.

Luyanda has left Joburg for Cape Town.

He will also be pursuing his degree in psychology at the University of London in the United Kingdom.

Last month, he announced that he has been accepted by the higher institution and that it was the first time for him to enrol at a university.

“In 2005, around the Easter Holidays, I took a very brave decision and took a City to City bus to Johannesburg. I had no money, no clear plan and no plan B. I only had a dream of being on television. And boy, what a roller coaster of a journey it has been.”

He praised Joburg for being kind to him.

“How do I say goodbye to a city that made me who I am today. A city that introduced me to your lounges every Tuesday 6pm. Kodwa ke, okungapheli kuyahlola. Nothing really lasts forever. This is to the 16 years of faith, disappointments, ups and downs, perseverance, dreams, achievements, fulfilments, history, blessings, completion and grace,” he said.


He’s proud of his achievements, describing them as fulfilling.

“I close the Johannesburg chapter a proud man, having fulfilled my dreams. My head is held high. My kids will know that daddy dreamt, daddy believed, daddy acted, daddy soldiered-on and daddy achieved. What a journey. What a chapter. What an era. Time may pass but the memories will remain forever. And that’s how we end it. This is the end! Thank you Johannesburg! Thank you, GP,” he wrote.

His followers wished him well in his new endeavors.

Marry Jane: “It’s painful to see you go but on the other hand, I am happy for you. Like you said you dreamt, believed, acted, soldiered on and you achieved. Thank you for your humanity. You taught us a lot, bhuti. Good luck with your future endeavours. Enkosi bhuti Luyanda”

Khayakazi Fodina also wrote: “God bless you, my brother. I miss the show and I learnt a lot from it. You have changed homes, nyani nyan.”

Nosisa Sisaz commented: “God bless you, bhuti. Prosper where you going. May God bless you and make you prosper. sikuthanda nyan nyani. Ntinga ntaka ndini.”