POLICE accused of taking bribes from zama zamas may soon find themselves in hot water.

This comes after a video showing two women accusing cops of taking bribes from illegal miners surfaced. In the video, a woman is heard telling cops who arrived to raid her house that they are “eating with the police”.

The video was shot during Operation Okae Molao raid in Rievallei in Kagiso, Mogale City on Thursday, 6 May.

Residents say cops are involved in the mine corruption.
Residents say cops are involved in the mine corruption.

The video shows two women becoming aggressive as cops raid their house. They can be heard asking the cops how they expect them to survive when there are no jobs.

Police visited the area after a number of complaints were made that rival mining gangs were fighting in the area. Concerned residents said cops needed a special unit to deal with illegal mining in the area.

A resident said: “Police confiscate their equipment but days later, they are back in business.”


The district police commissioner, Major General Fred Kekana said: “We urge residents to work with us to fight this scourge.”

Among the items confiscated by police were basins, baskets, crusher pipes and stands, eleven bags of gold dust weighing 25kg, 140 phendukas, 34 gas bottles, four cutting torches and wheelbarrows.

In the video, this woman is heard saying cops are eating with zama zamas.

Kekana condemned cops who participated in illegal activities and warned them not to engage in corruption as they’d be dealt with.

He also encouraged the residents to immediately report any criminal activities, including corruption by cops, to CrimeStop on 08600 10111, to SMS tips to 32211 or to use the MySAPS app. He said all information would be treated confidentially.

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