‘My wife has sex with a tokoloshe’


A 42-YEAR-OLD mother of three from Protea Glen, Soweto, told Daily Sun she needs a powerful sangoma to get rid of a tokoloshe.

According to the mum, the creature visits her at night and leaves her exhausted all day long.

She said she has been to two sangomas since the ordeal began two years ago after she dreamt of her late stepsister, but the tokoloshe hasn’t stopped sneaking into her bed.

“It was my first time dreaming of her since her passing in 2015. She appeared angry. She forcefully put lotion on my legs without saying a word,” said the woman.

She said a few weeks later, a short scary creature forcefully had sex with her in her dream.

“This happens once a month. The next morning, I wake up too tired and suffer vaginal pains. At times, I’m even unable to go to work.

“Sangomas have cleansed the yard but things haven’t changed.”

Her husband said the situation was taking a toll on him.

“She wakes me up in the middle of the night with terror in her eyes and tells me she has just had sex with a tokoloshe,” he said.

Sangoma Nzama Maluleke said the person the terrified mum saw in her dream was not her sister.

“It is an evil spirit disguised behind her face. There is nothing wrong in her yard. The spell is on her and it will follow her wherever she goes,” said Zama.

“She needs muthi to drink and bath in to get rid of the tokoloshe.”

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