Fransina Mashao needs help getting rid of the tokoloshi that has been tormenting her for years. Photo by Lucky Morajane
Fransina Mashao needs help getting rid of the tokoloshi that has been tormenting her for years. Photo by Lucky Morajane

HER life was great until she got married when she was 19 years old.

But now a tokoloshe is tormenting her.

And gogo Fransina Mashao wants to feel normal and happy again before she dies.

The 76-year-old from Diepkloof in Soweto told Daily Sun her mother-in-law hated her to the point she put something in the food on her wedding day and she and her bridesmaids had running stomachs.

She said her mother-in-law felt her son deserved better, but they got married anyway.

She said as time went by, she started to have difficulty sleeping and when she bathed, she felt something hanging over her back.

“This affected our marriage and we ended up getting divorced because we had endless fights.

“I went to a sangoma who told me my mamezala sent a tokoloshe. The sangoma tried to cleanse me, but that thing only let me go for a few weeks and then came back,” she said.

Gogo Fransina said she got married again and her new family was great, but she always argued with her hubby because of this.

“I sometimes felt he resented me for no reason. At least I knew what the problem was. I kept trying to find help and don’t know how many times I’ve been cleansed, but none of that worked,” she said.

She said she eventually left that marriage as it was becoming toxic.

“I moved on and figured that maybe I need to have a word with my first mamezala, but unfortunately when I tried to reach out, I was told her and my ex-husband died,” she said.

Gogo Fransina said she then lived with her mum, who always encouraged her to pray.

“Mum didn’t understand that this problem was beyond prayer. I just want a sangoma who’ll help me.

“I don’t even have kids as a result of this thing and I’m alone as mum also passed away. I’m tired of living like this,” she said.

Gogo added that this also made people hate her and her friends turned against her.

“A few years ago, another man wanted to marry me, but I had to decline because I didn’t want to bring this into another marriage.

“It’s difficult to even sleep because this thing chokes me at night and climbs on my back when I’m bathing,” she said.

Daily Sun spoke sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi who said a Tokoloshi was indeed sent to her a long time ago and getting rid of it is possible but while take at least 4 to five months because it has been there for a while.

“I can assist her but she’ll need to be patient and follow every instruction I give her for this to be a success,” said Dungamanzi. 

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