How Kwaito star got rid of illuminati mamlambo demon

Bishop Patrick Chauke has helped Elvis Shongwe, even though the journey was difficult.
Bishop Patrick Chauke has helped Elvis Shongwe, even though the journey was difficult.

AFTER years of seeking help, kwaito artist Des Lash finally got rid of the mamlambo that made his life hell.

And it’s all thanks to Bishop Patrick Chauke, who’s also a gobela. Des Lash, whose real name is Elvis Shongwe, found the courage to speak up earlier this year.

Sharing his ordeal with Daily Sun, the 35-year-old from Belfast in Mpumalanga said he joined the illuminati to get rich and powerful. Unfortunately, things went south in 2019 when he was asked to sacrifice his mum or son. He refused and lost everything, including his cars, home and businesses. He shared his story with SunReaders in the hope that someone would help.

Daily Sun was my last hope because I had already spent thousands on 24 izangoma who all failed to remove this,” he said.

A week after the story was published, Chauke offered to help.

Elvis said the process took four weeks, and he slept over at Chauke’s home in the first week as they were afraid of how the spirit would react.

“Even going to Chauke’s home was a problem. I got lost for more than four hours and my friend’s car had problems. I expected this because this happened every time I tried to get help.”

He said he became very sick in the first week.

“I felt weak and couldn’t explain the problem. Luckily, I was dealing with a strong man who already knew about this demon.”

Elvis said things had been good as the voices in his head were gone, dark shadow hovering on his shoulder was no longer there and mamlambo was gone.

“I can’t begin to express how happy this makes me. This man has given me a second chance.”

Chauke said Elvis’ ancestors had distanced themselves as the spirit was controlling him.

“I took him to a sacred place to do things I can’t disclose, and it went well. He’s still taking treatment, and that thing will never bother him again,” said Chauke.

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