BAPTISM RITUAL DRAMA: Prophet saw darkness, felt dizzy!

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PROPHET Ernest Leboho has been baptising church members for 11 years.

So he didn’t think anything would go wrong during a baptism on Sunday, 19 June.


Elvis Ramakgaphola (21) and Michael Rampa (29) drowned while trying to save other church members.

Sharing what happened on the day, Leboho of Irrevocable Gifts and Calling Ministries (IGCM) said the baptism started with prayers before he and two congregants got into Masetheko Dam in Mohodi Ga-Manthata Village outside Senwabarwana, Limpopo.

He said everything was going well, but all of a sudden he started to feel dizzy.

“I saw darkness for a few seconds and when I became conscious, I saw the church members drowning and screaming for help,” he said.

GONE TOO SOON: Michael Rampa and Elvis Ramakgaphola drowned in the Masetheko Dam. Inset: Elvis Ramakgaphola’s mum, Julia, is pleading for help to bury her son.

Elvis and Michael were ushers and when they saw that people were drowning, they jumped into the dam and tried to pull them out. One of members managed to swim out, while the second one was rescued by other church members. Sadly, Elvis and Michael drowned.

“They drowned while trying to help the other members.

“We tried to rescue them but couldn’t see them,” he said.

Elvis and Michael’s families are finding it hard to accept their tragic deaths.

They want answers about how their sons died so they can find closure.

Elvis’ mum, Julia (54), said: “We are still in the dark about what really happened. Someone must take responsibility for my son’s death.”

She told Daily Sun they looked up to Elvis to take them out of poverty.

“He passed matric with a bachelors and was set to study at the University of Pretoria next year,” she said.

Julia said they needed help to bury Elvis as they are poor. Elvis is set to be buried on Saturday, 25 June.

Michael’s father, Johannes (60), said his family was very heartbroken.

He said Michael was a peaceful person who loved the church. “We are going to miss his laughter,” he said.

Limpopo police spokesman Colonel Mamphaswa Seabi said two cases of inquests have been opened and police investigations continue.

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