Zuluboy: 'I’ve never had a father'!

Actor and rapper Mxolisi Majozi. Photo from Instagram
Actor and rapper Mxolisi Majozi. Photo from Instagram

ACTOR and rapper Mxolisi “Zuluboy” Majozi has revealed that he has never met his father and he has made peace with it.

He said what pains him is the backlash he gets on social media when he praises women who raise their kids alone.

The former Durban Gen actor has always praised his gogo for raising him while his mother was away doing odd jobs.

His father was absent in his life.

Zuluboy said he will use Women’s Month to praise all the single mothers who are raising their children alone, despite being criticised by trolls.

“I’ve never had a father and I don’t want to talk about him. He made his choice.

“It was tough growing up in the dusty streets of Ntuzuma, north of Durban.

“I witnessed my granny struggling to make sure that I didn’t go to bed on an empty stomach.

“In her, I saw both a father and a mother. That’s why I’ll always praise her and respect other single mothers.

“It’s not easy raising a child alone, especially a boy,” he said.

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He said it upsets him when people accuse him of having daddy issues every time he talks about single mothers on social media.

“On Father’s Day, I posted a video praising present fathers. I also praised single mothers for being strong and being there for their kids.

“I was disturbed by some of the comments. Some people said I should go and look for my father, and others said I had daddy issues. That was very upsetting because it brought back memories of how my granny suffered while raising me. Those comments were not cool at all.

“The most upsetting part is when I get those comments from women. People must stop this thing.

“For me, it’s disappointing. It’s like disrespecting my granny’s hard work and efforts,” said Zuluboy.

He said through his song Sukuma, featuring Duncan, he’s encouraging everyone to stand up and support their loved ones.

“It’s every man’s responsibility to make sure that their kids eat, go to school and behave. It’s not only women’s job.

“We must all rise up and raise our future leaders. Big up to single mothers! Big up to responsible and present fathers,” he said.

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