Uzalo actors spice up airwaves

Uzalo actors Cebo Mthembu (above) and Masoja Msiza (right) are treating Zululand FM fans.
Uzalo actors Cebo Mthembu (above) and Masoja Msiza (right) are treating Zululand FM fans.

UZALO’s lead actors, who’re enemies on the small screen, are branching out.

Now Cebo Mthembu, who plays Captain Khalabemgeza Nyawo and Masoja Msiza, who plays thug Nkuzebomvu Mhlongo, are showcasing their presenting talent on Zululand FM in Melmoth, KZN.

The two have agreed to present Ivume Wethu maskandi with host Philasande “MC Gwajo” Zungu.

The station aimed to bring the actors closer to its isolated listeners in Zululand.

Cebo, who hosted the show on Saturday 14 November, said listeners got a treat, as many saw him on TV and didn’t know he’s also a radio DJ.


“Radio is the one which made me grow until I became an actor on Uzalo,” he said.

Cebo aka, “Mr Vibe”, has spent almost 20 years on community radio stations, starting at Maputoland FM in 2002 until 2012, when he moved from Manguzi to Durban and started work at Imbokodo FM, where he now hosts the 3-6pm show on Saturdays.

Masoja will be presenting the Ivume maskandi show this Saturday afternoon.

Presenter “MC Gwajo” told SunBuzz he decided to give his listeners an early Christmas gift by bringing them their popular on-screen actors.

“On Saturday, I decided to co-host with Cebo to honour him as my broadcasting role model. I know my listeners also like him for his way of speaking English,” he said.

“Next Saturday, I’ll be broadcasting with Masoja. He’s a poet, while I’m also a poet. I was inspired by him. I’d like to thank station manager Bheki Ngcobo for giving me the opportunity to do this for my listeners.”

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