Skeem Saam's Khwezi bays for blood!

Khwezi stabbed her fiance in Skeem Saam.  Photo from    Instagram
Khwezi stabbed her fiance in Skeem Saam. Photo from Instagram

Lehasa and his side-chick Pretty’s umjolo has ended in tears in Skeem Saam.

This after Lehasa’s fiancee, Khwezi, stabbed him and framed Pretty when the police showed up at his apartment.

Pretty and Lehasa were enjoying a romantic evening when Khwezi walked in.

And as the saying goes: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Moreover, Khwezi is crazy and proved it with this incident. When she started suspecting Lehasa was cheating on her, she announced they were getting married.

This is despite Lehasa secretly plotting to call their engagement off. His shenanigans have now landed Pretty in jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

Hopefully, he survives this so he can tell the cops what really happened.

Lindiwe and Nhlamulo in Scandal! are playing with fire. The lie they came up with about Lindiwe’s dad Mlungisi, who was accidentally killed by Nhlamulo on their wedding day, will come back to bite them.

They told Lindiwe’s mum he died in car crash in Kimberley.

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Things are now heating up as Lindiwe’s sister Omphile, who recently went blind, decided to accept her ancestral calling.

This will surely bring her closer to the truth as she has already started seeking guidance from her ancestors.

Meanwhile, after Zenzele, who’s the black sheep in the Khubeka family, was arrested for Quinton’s murder, he started throwing his entire family under the bus.

He told cops about every crime they’ve ever committed.

He just wasn’t about to go down alone.

He even threatened Quinton and Dintle’s little girl as she’s the only witness.

Quinton’s mum, Layla, is also on the warpath and nothing will stand in her way.

Gloria, whom she found out she accepted a bribe to cover up the crime was the first one in the firing line.

She invited her over for tea and drugged her, vowing that she’d do anything to get justice for her son.

One can’t help but wonder how she plans to deal with Gloria.

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