Musician Msaki praises Zakes and Nandi

Musician Msaki.
Musician Msaki.

MUSICIAN Msaki has paid tribute to Zakes Bantwini and his wife, Nandi Madida.

In her Instagram post, which was accompanied by a string of photos, she highlighted that they have been supporting her craft in music.

She wrote: “The last frame is the day we were at @glblctzn in New York. We ran into each other only to end up on the same flight home. I like the idea of celebrating a person consumed with so much passion intentionally because these people are rare.

“I remember attending your performance workshop at the @musicimbizo so many years ago. I went on to buy my first real costume for stage and ditched my ripped jeans and white T-shirt.

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“Frame 2 @zakesbantwini I’ll remember your words taking stock of the milestones and sacrifices and the words of @nandi_madida who gets it from a deep deep place and whose support is unquestioning, unwavering. These are the days of love and grace. Ndiza! Happy belated birthday and thank you for curating a room of beautiful souls.”

Zakes responded to Msaki’s post and wrote: “Wow @msaki_za this message made me emotional. We adore you so much thank you.”

Musician J’Something commented: “So special!! All of you are incredible.”

Solomzi Mjayezi commented: “Beautiful and amazing, flying the flag to higher heights.”

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