Lady Du speaks money sense!

Lady Du.
Lady Du.

In a world where the music industry is said to be poor and exploits artists, amapiano musician, Lady Du, has taken a different direction.

The star posted a picture of herself next to her house and cars and said amapiano has bought her six cars and a house. 

She said she also hasn't used the money she's received for royalties, she's saving it. 

Asked how she does it, Lady Du said: “I push myself and my music. When I get my bookings, I save a big portion of the money, maybe 80% and spend the remainder. So, asset investment, buying land, turning it into rooms for rental, buying smashed cars, fixing and re-selling them is what made me accumulate most of my assets," she said.

“And not buying brand new things has helped me as well. I buy second-hand cars, instead of brand new ones and that’s how I do it."

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Lady Du also advised fellow musicians on how to go about making money for themselves.

“When it comes to saving, young musicians should know that being in the music industry is not something that lasts forever, so whatever you get when you get a chance, save. At least know that you are secure for a long time,” she said.

“More than anything, people should pay their taxes and try and invest in things that are outside of music so that if something happens to them, they know that they have something to fall on and they know they can rely on whatever they have built outside of music,” she continued. 

She said she had taken a conscious decision to not sign under a company and do things herself, hence she is able to make herself money.

“Ownership of your things is better than somebody dictating to you because when you get money it comes to you and you pay people. When you are under someone you have no movement whatsoever when it comes to your music or money."

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