Khuzani’s plan to repeat history!

Maskandi star Khuzani “Indlamlenze” Mpungose,photo Instagram
Maskandi star Khuzani “Indlamlenze” Mpungose,photo Instagram

CONTROVERSIAL maskandi star Khuzani “Indlamlenze” Mpungose is planning to fill up Moses Mabhida Stadium, again.

The Ijele hitmaker said he would start with an all-white picnic in Moses Mabhida’s People’s Park in October.

“That picnic will be building up to the plans of filling up Mabhida. I called it Gcwalisa All-white Spring Picnic because I want to observe the number of fans who will attend. That will help me go ahead with my plans,” said Khuzani.

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Three years ago, the award-winning singer made history by becoming the first maskandi star to fill up the stadium, based in Durban.

He shared that he had a hot line-up for the picnic.

“I made history in 2019. I wanted to prove a point that maskandi music should be highly respected, just like other genres. This genre has many fans who are supportive. At the picnic, I will be supported by popular artists and I’m sure all will be well. I will announce the line-up,” he said.

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