SOCIAL media users have expressed their shock after a video showing a man clinging on to a grey BMW went viral.

The video shows a woman driving the car with a man on the bonnet. It is believed that the couple had an argument at a funeral that they had attended at Nelsville outside Mbombela in Mpumalanga.

The woman drove off, and the man followed with a friend’s car. Apparently when they both reached a traffic light, the man quickly went to cling on to the bonnet.

The woman eventually stopped at a petrol station while the man forcefully pushed her out of the car. She can be heard saying: “I want to go home”, but the man pushes her back inside.

Thabo Manne said the story circulating on social media is total lies.

He told Daily Sun that on Thursday (25 February) they were attending a funeral and after the funeral they chilled.

He says while they were chilling three guys started arguing and he went to one of them to stop them.

"While I was busy with the guys, I heard my wife screaming, saying she had been slapped by one guy. I went to check what was happening and she was very angry. She took the car and drove off. We followed her and the car managed to stop at the robots. I then went next to the car, and cling on the car's bonnet.

"She pulled over and I told her she cannot drive in the state she was in. She was very angry and accused me of not protecting her from my relatives. I then asked for my car keys as I was trying to stop her from driving," he said.

Manne said he will never hit his wife and if he was doing that he would have been in jail.

“Dear friends and enemies. Whatever you think about us concerning the video trending is fine. We don’t care; you can say whatever you want, but as long as tsine [us] we know kutsi [what] what transpired. Stop kukhuluma manga [spreading lies] about us. Yes, we had an argument; it’s not kutsi [that] we were physically fighting. Nilindze loko ningafi tinja [you live for gossip, hence you are not dead you dogs]. Get yourselves a life and leave us alone,” he said on social media.

We couldn't get hold of Manne's wife for comment.