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Paseka Langa poses next to his comfortable wheels. Photos by Sammy Moretsi  ~ 

THE SunWheels team spoke to a young entrepreneur while he was being fitted for a suit.

Paseka Langa is the director of Langa Construction, a business specialising in fixing roads and plumbing. He said he feels both happy and proud driving his comfortable Nissan Qashaqai SUV.

Paseka said he uses his SUV for business and his private life.

Q: How do you describe your driving?

A: I keep my eyes on the road – I drive K53-style.

Q: Have you ever been fined?

A: I drive to avoid being fined. I am the captain when I’m driving which makes my vehicle an example on the road.

Q: Does it have a name?

A: I call my wheels Baby Girl because she’s a big, playful and bubbly girl.

Q: When did you buy Baby Girl?

A: In 2017.

Q: Is she your first baby?

A: No, I also own a white Toyota Tazz.

Q: Why do you like white?

A: The colour reminds me of my old school days. I liked how my white shirts contrasted with my dark complexion.

Q: Why do you love her?

A: She’s comfortable and has a good fuel economy – which I really need, considering how badly the petrol price is digging into our pockets.

Q: What features do you like?

A: The interior makes me happy when I’m cruising around.

Q: Did you change anything?

A: No, she’s perfect as is.

Q: How far have you travelled?

A: I have to many places including Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Parys.

Q: Is she your dream car?

A: No, that is a VW Golf R.

Q: What do think about other road users?

A: Drivers who speed ekasi because law enforcement is flexible. Kasi traffic needs to be as strict as it is in town. This is why so many die on our roads.

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