CONGRATULATIONS on succeeding in the past 12 years of school but are you ready to do the same at varsity or college?

Craig McMurray, CEO of Respublica Student Living, told SunEducation that university life is different from what’s on TV.

“Many students struggle to adapt to the change.”

Busting myths

Myth: There’s no class register so you can bunk if you don’t feel like going.

Bust: In university, you are treated as a responsible adult. If you think you can bunk all you want, you only hurt your progress.

Myth: You will hang on every word your lecturers utter.

Bust: Some lectures will be interesting and others boring, but each is a building block to your degree – attend!

Myth: There’s no school uniform. You can make a fashion statement every day.

Bust: With so many people on campus, nobody really cares what you’re wearing but you can still express and experiment with your personal style.

Myth: Living a half-hour commute from campus is fine if the accommodation is cheaper. Use the time on public transport to study.

Bust: You will not study on public transport – it’s too busy and noisy. Check to make sure your transport costs aren’t making your rent more expensive each month.

Myth: Living in a residence just distracts you from your studies – it’s better to share a flat with friends.

Bust: Living in an all-inclusive residence like those offered by Respublica means there’s less admin and maintenance such as cleaning, Wi-Fi access, laundry and gym to worry about.

Myth: Student loan equals free money.

Bust: This is probably the first time you’re managing all your expenses without the help of a parent – so be careful with how you spend your money.

Myth: It will be easy to manage my expenses when I’m living on my own

Bust: Living in your own place means you’re responsible for all the expenses – such as electricity, water, Wi-Fi, laundry and gym – your parents have always taken care of and you’ll be surprised how quickly these expenses all add up – and how they can break your budget.