Jarmila Kratochvilova (pictured on the right) is a retired Czech female, yes FEMALE record holder for the 800m where Caster Semenya is competing.

She set the records 36 years ago in 1983 at the World Champions.

Last year, Semenya came close to breaking Kratochvilova’s record. 

On Wednesday, Caster lost her against the IAAF and she will be forced to regulate her testosterone levels when she competes in international events.

Semenya will lodge an appeal with the Swiss Federal Tribune to have the decision changed.

South Africans and many sports personalities have pledged their endless support for the Limpopo-born athlete.

Do you think it is fair that Caster must now take medication that will lower her testosterone while athletes such Kratochvilova were never tested and humiliated by world athletics?