Since he became president, Cyril Ramaphosa is yet to reshuffle his cabinet.

Even when the opportunity presents itself, he doesn’t do it. What is holding him back?

As things stand, there are two vacant cabinet positions – minister in the Presidency and health minister. The former became vacant when the then minister died.

The latter was suspended for alleged corruption, and a strong indication is that he is guilty.

Since these positions are vacant, two ministers are acting.

So demanding are these positions that these ministers are overstretched, and now compromising their own portfolios.

Then there’s the issue of deputy ministers. They cannot act in these positions because they are not cabinet members. This needs to be reconsidered. Why have a deputy minister who cannot act in a cabinet minister position?

That said, there is a lot of deadwood in cabinet.

Minister Angie Motshekga is one example, and the president knows it. Ministers like her do not add value. The president has to reshuffle cabinet. But he is moving very slow. He’s had enough time to apply his mind. He must reshuffle the cabinet now.

Letter Thabile Mange