Waste Collectors in Polokwane received food parcels from the Polokwane Municipality in partnership with the Limpopo Chinese Community Police Cooperation Center.

Other beneficiaries included domestic workers who lost their jobs during the lockdown and differently-abled people.

Polokwane Municipality spokesperson Thipa Selala said the centre approached the municipality intending to assist in the humanitarian fight and taking care of the needy.

 Polokwane Executive Mayor Thembi Nkadimeng said the people making a living from the landfill sites are often not considered when beneficiaries are identified.

 “We have three landfill sites within Polokwane Municipality. The people collecting waste from those sites are currently not working because of the lockdown.

 There are 172 beneficiaries in the city area, 29 in Mankweng and 17 in Moletjie Ga-Makgakga.

She said on top of that number of litter pickers, the municipality added a list of domestic workers.

Nkadimeng said the municipality’s special focus office is responsible for amongst others, women, children, and special cases.

The office identified 32 domestic workers who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

The first lady of the province, through her domestic worker group, submitted 15 of those beneficiaries to bring the number of domestic workers to 47.

 Two families whose houses burnt over the past couple of days and also benefitted from the programme.

 She also said the Polokwane Municipality continues, through its social partners and stakeholders, to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of the needy in the fight against COVID-19.