THE spaza shop owner suspected his assistant was having an affair with his ex and vowed to punish them.

And punish them he did. . .

The angry man abducted them on 7 February, raped the woman in front of the assistant, beat them and locked them up.

Then he forced them to pose for intimate pictures and created a Facebook account.

On the Facebook account, he sent friendship requests to almost everyone they knew at Riverside in Mathibestad, North West.


The 40-year-old woman breaks down and cries uncontrollably when she thinks of her ordeal and humiliation she suffered after the nasty Facebook account was created.

The assistant (30) worked at the man’s spaza shop and worked closely with the man’s ex-girlfriend.

He said he’d never even thought of the woman as a potential lover.

“I respected her as she’s older than me,” he said.

“What happened was traumatic. It was like a nightmare.”

He said the jealous spaza shop owner asked him to help him carry things to his house, but instead locked him up.

“He started interrogating me before calling the woman,” he said.

The woman told Daily Sun she didn’t want to get into detail about what happened because it made her emotional.

“I’ll be starting counselling soon.

“I’m traumatised.


“I struggle to sleep. I’m scared,” she said.

The two said they wanted the man to rot in jail.

“If he comes out of jail our lives are not guaranteed,” said the woman.

Captain Sam Tselanyane said cases of kidnapping, assault and rape were opened at Makapanstad cop shop.

“A 54-year-old suspect was arrested and appeared in the Moretele Magistrates Court on Thursday for allegedly raping a female.”

He said the man was remanded in custody and will appear in court on Thursday.