FORMER ANC president Pixley ka Isaka Seme’s family has called on the party to destroy factions and unite!

His grandson Sifiso Seme (60) made the call at the wreath laying ceremony in Inanda, KZN, yesterday. He told ANC members his grandfather had the idea of forming the ANC but nominated John Dube as president. He said his grandfather never contested Dube because the vision of forming the party was to benefit the black masses.

Sifiso said the Seme and Dube families were concerned about problems facing the party today. He said the original leaders must be turning in their graves seeing their vision of freeing black people being destroyed by factions.

“We call on current leaders to stop contesting one another and instead nominate each other into senior positions. They must copy Pixley when he rose in Bloemfontein 108 years ago and nominated Dube as president.” Sifiso said Pixley knew his time to lead would come and he was party president from 1930 to 1937.

ANC members, led by PEC member Bheki Ntuli, visited the Dube and Seme graves as part of the party’s birthday celebrations. Ntuli said they took the call by Dube and Seme very seriously and were trying to build unity among members. The visits were a preparation for Sunday’s main event in Kimberley.