GRADE 2 parents at Sweetwaters Primary School in Pietermaritzburg, KZN, have found they kids to school to play.

They told Daily Sun there was no grade 2 teacher, so their kids played at school the whole day.

Sbongile Dlamini (57), who has three grade 2 grandkids at the school, said: “Our kids haven’t had a teacher since January.

“Every day, we iron uniforms and give them lunch boxes but they don’t have a teacher.

“We’re sending them to school, only to find that they play instead of learning.”

Sbongile said they were worried and felt the situation would affect their kids’ future.

She said the grade 2 class used to have a teacher, who now teaches another grade.

She said grade 2 pupils last year were taught by a volunteer teacher, who’s no longer at the school.

“We’re calling on the MEC to address the matter because we don’t want to reach a point where we decide to close the school in a protest,” she said.

Thandazile Dlamini (54), who has three grade 2 grandchildren at the school, said they only noticed to the problem about a week ago after two incidents where grade 2 pupils injured each other during school hours.

“We followed up and found it happened while they were playing. Our kids have been telling us they play the whole day at school, but we didn’t take it seriously as they were getting reports with a pass at the end of each term, which seemed as if they were being taught,” she said.

Thandazile said many parents were thinking of taking their kids out of the school if the matter was not solved urgently.

KZN education spokesman Kwazi Mthethwa said: “The matter will be referred to the office of the head of department for processing. Under normal circumstances, we would have all relevant teachers per subject but due to budget constraints, we can’t address this adequately.”