ANC HEAD of elections Fikile Mbalula says the party that will topple the ANC has not yet been formed.

Addressing hundreds of party members on Saturday at a Thuma Mina rally in Sibangweni Village, Eastern Cape, he said: “The person to kill the ANC has not yet been born.

“Not even in the EFF, which can’t even fill Sisa Dukashe Stadium. They have nothing to say as Zuma’s no longer in power.”

Mbabula said the ANC is the only party that works for the people.

“Cope’s Terror Lekota looks like he is losing his mind because he does not want land expropriation without compensation. We aren’t equal.

“The ANC is not going to take the land under kings. Why would we take communal land?

“We need to support you so you can benefit from the land. We are gunning for the land that isn’t in the hands of our people.”

Mbalula called for unity in the party and welcomed over 120 new members who had left other parties, including the UDM, to join the ANC.

“Where they were, they realised there was no difference. They must fix their ANC, like all of us have done over the past years,” he said.

Andie Nomatiti said he left the UDM to heed the ANC’s Thuma Mina call. “I will listen to the people and help them with their needs.”

Nopinky Mxhaka, also new to the ANC, said members encouraged her to join and she is looking forward to serving her community.