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DINDINI residents were disappointed when they found out a court ruling would not be heard yesterday.

They wanted the Mbizana Magistrates Court to release their relatives on bail.

Seven people stand accused of Chief Thulani Mjanyelwa’s murder and malicious damage to property.

The crimes took place in August.

Yesterday, the magistrate was due to hand down a verdict on whether the
accused would be granted bail. The gallery was packed to capacity when the accused appeared, but the magistrate
was sick.

After the announcement, furious residents got up and left, with some saying muthi was being used to keep their loved ones in jail.

One angry woman told Daily Sun: “This is the work of muthi. It has taken so long to complete the application, and now we must wait for judgment.

The woman said strong muthi was being used.

The daughter of one of the accused said: “I had high hopes that my mum would be released but was disappointed again. They’re playing with our feelings.”

Another resident said: “I think we’ve been patient long enough.”

The case was postponed until tomorrow and the accused were kept in custody.

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