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Connie’s story that was published in the People’s Paper in 2011.  ~ 

IN 2011, Mzansi was outraged when a pregnant woman was stabbed in the stomach.

Despite being stabbed several times, Connie Bhuda (34) of Mamelodi West, east of Tshwane delivered a healthy baby.

Daily Sun published her story with the headline, “My little miracle”.

The attacker, her fellow tenant, was given people’s justice by angry residents and was hospitalised.

He was released into police custody and was sentenced to seven years in jail.

Although Connie said justice was served, she needs a disability grant because she can no longer work.

She said she used to work as a domestic worker but the pain she felt from her injuries while working was unbearable and she had to quit.

“I would feel severe pain whenever I touched water. I would scream in pain and my employers would be scared that I was dying.”

She said her employer advised her to quit for the sake of her health.

“I have three young children who depend on me.”

She said her injuries have made her life hell.

“I’m now a disabled person because I depend on other people.

“I cannot do anything for myself and my partner has to cook and clean for me.

“This is unfair because he has to go do piece jobs and when he comes home, he is tired.”

Connie said she would like to get a disability grant.

“I can no longer work for myself and the grant money I get for my children is not enough to support us.

“I need a disability grant because I can no longer work, although I’m still young,” she said.

She said she forgave her attacker but the pain she now suffers made her change her mind.

“He destroyed my life. I was young and beautiful and earning a salary. Today, I’m a couch potato thanks to him. I will never forget what he did to me.”

Daily Sun contacted Sassa spokesman Kgomoco Diseko who said Connie should visit their offices.

“She should go to the nearest Sassa office with all her medical records and apply for a disability grant,” he said.

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