MOTLALEPULE is tired of living in a shack!

She has been sharing a one-bedroom shack with her children for years.

And she’s tired of not having any privacy, and of water streaming in when it rains.

Motlalepule van Brenda (47) from Codesa in Mangaung told Daily Sun she has been forgotten by the government.

She was left alone to do piece jobs after her boyfriend died. She claims she has applied five times for a house but had no luck.

She said: “I have lived in this shack for more than 20 years. I tried to apply for a RDP house after my boyfriend died, but nothing happened.

“Everyone in my kasi has an RDP.

“They skipped us when they were building and promised to come back, but they never did.”

Motlalepule said her son’s girlfriend is heavily pregnant and she’s worried she will get sick as the shack has holes in it and is cold.

“We have to go around the kasi looking for a place to sleep when it rains.

“We are asking for help from any good Samaritan.

“I am not working, but sometimes get piece jobs.

“Even my son does not work. I can’t live like this,” said Motlalepule.

Human Settlements spokeswoman Senne Bogatsu advised Motlalepule to go to the municipal officesand ask to be registered on the national housing needs register.

“She can also go to the 11th floor of OR Tambo House to be registered on the register,” she said.