Last year
The goat that has been terrorising residents in Dennilton.  ~ 

THE goat goes crazy and attacks people in the street . . . but it is not the animal’s fault!

According to its owner, the goat sniffs glue and smokes dagga given to it by his herder.

Thami Sindane from Dennilton, Limpopo said he gave the herder a hiding and put the goat on a strong leash. But the goat keeps chewing through the leash and goes back to its scary ways.

At least four people have been attacked.

Paulos Mahamba (60) said he saw the animal chasing a woman down the road and tried to help.

“The woman was running with a baby on her back,” he said. I took a sjambok and chased after the animal.

“But when it saw me, it turned on me and charged. I stood no chance.”

Paulos said he was rammed to the ground and the goat stomped on him. He managed to crawl ­into a yard and closed the gate.

Martha Masilela (46) said the goat chased her when she was catching a bus. “It put its head under my skirt and pulled it up. I hit it with my handbag and it rammed me to the ground. I was saved by a motorist who raced towards it with his car and it ran away.”

Thami said the herder and the goat are the best of friends.

Two weeks ago Thami said: “I apologise to all those who were attacked.

“The goat will soon be gone because I have sold it.”

But last week the goat attacked again.

He said he had put the goat on a stronger leash while waiting for the buyer to fetch it.

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