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Lucas Malape doesn’t understand why his daughter wants nothing to do with him. Photo by Collen Mashaba  ~ 

LUCAS Malape says he raised his daughter well and gave her many opportunities.

But now she’s claiming she’s had a hard life and grew up struggling.

And Lucas believes this is because she’s getting paid by her church to give false testimony!

The 58-year-old father from Dinwiddie, Ekurhuleni said his daughter Machaka left home two years ago to join a church in the Vaal and had been behaving strangely ever since. 

He said he just wants her to come home. Lucas claims Machaka is living a flashy lifestyle paid for by the church’s prophet and spreading false rumours about their family. 

Lucas said he had eight children and had been running an air-conditioning business for over 10 years. He also has other small businesses. 

“My daughter had a comfortable childhood. After she wrote matric, I bought her a car and enrolled her to study marketing. She later changed to retail management,” he said. 

“Every weekend, she came home and I made sure she had everything she needed. But everything changed when she joined this church. 

“She started lying and telling untrue stories about her upbringing. She eventually ran away from home because I didn’t approve of her behaviour.” 

Lucas claimed he was shocked last month when he found her testimony to the congregation on the internet. 

She claimed the prophet had prayed for her to get a job during a Sunday service and she was called for an interview the same day. 

She said after returning from the interview, she received an SMS saying she had got the job and would start the next day. She said she became a team leader two days later. 

However, Lucas said this was a lie. He said although he was not on speaking terms with his daughter, she still had a good relationships with her siblings and they told him she was unemployed. 

“I believe she is getting paid for false testimony or benefitting somehow because of her flashy lifestyle.” 

Machaka said her father was not telling the truth and she didn’t want to be reconciled with him. 

“I’m not getting paid for false testimony. I chose to be in the house of God. I decided to live my life away from my father because of his disrespectful nature. He treated me like a bad child.

I don’t want anything to do with him. He doesn’t exist in my life,” she said. 

“We tried in the past to resolve our differences but it didn’t succeed. He can look after his other children.” 

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