DJ Finzo faces many challenges when doing everyday, seemingly normal, things.

Drawing money at the ATM and using a urinal are a bit of a tall order. 

But one thing he has no problem doing is dancing! 

After a video of the DJ from Bloemfontein dancing the vosho went viral on social media recently, the SunTeam contacted him. 

Finzo, whose real name is Phinel Sefatsa, said dancing was not a challenge for short people. He said they could do it better than most taller people. 

The 30-second video shows Finzo dancing to a song by Sun-El Musician while shouting: “They’re saying shorty can’t do the vosho! 

“What’s this? Enjoy life while you still can. Vosho, Shorty! Vosho, Shorty!” 

He said the video was filmed while he was visiting the Vaal in Gauteng last week. 

“Short people have many challenges, but if they believe in themselves anything is possible,” he said.

“I wanted to prove that we’re also capable of doing sleek dance moves. 

“We can even do them better than taller people.”

“I have so many challenges in life. I can’t use ATMs and struggle with parking pay points at shopping malls. 

“Things should change to allow us short people to also access these things.” 

DJ Finzo, who calls himself sweet and short, told the SunTeam people with disabilities shouldn’t allow challenges to come in the way of achieving their goals.