7 months ago
Robbie Malinga Jr says his dad's money is safe. Photo: Instagram  ~ 

Robbie Malinga Jr is quickly making a name for himself and building quite a reputation.

The 17-old has been the talk of the town ever since he surfaced on people’s social media timelines flaunting his fancy cars, designer clothes and expensive accessories.

While his lifestyle is entertaining to some, many find it slightly troubling and have voiced their concerns on social media. 

On Twitter, one user took it upon himself to “advise” Rob Mali to spend his money wisely.

“You can spend your money the way you want to spend it but as a brother, i’m telling you, you’re still young, we don’t wan’t to see another Bongani Fassie whereby we have to do donations for you, we don’t need that, don't be careless,” the user tweeted.

Robbie Jr wasted little time replying to the tweet saying contrary to what many people believe, his father’s money is actually safe and untouched.

“Its gona take me 50years to touch my dad's money. N*** stop that s**t rn. The only thing I gained from my dad's death is freedom not money. His money is safe.. I'm balling with money. Point of correction, I make more profit than what I use per day. Bye b***,” Robbie Jr replied.

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