Julius Malema feels that the treatment of Fifi Cooper by Ambitiouz Entertainment is completely unacceptable and he is not going stand back and watch.

This after the record label slapped Fifi with a court interdict for breach of contract and essentially, a gag order, stopping her from singing her own songs.

Yesterday, we reported that Ambitiouz Entertainment had posted the official statement of the High Court matter between the music label and Fifi on social media.

Juju and his political friends have now stepped in to help poor Fifi out.

“We are always on the side of the weak and the dejected. Wipe your tears African Girl, very soon you will sing your beautiful songs again. Proper legal team is assembled to help #FifiCooper against the powerful. #JusticeForFifiCooper,” tweeted Juju.

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All of this drama is the label’s retaliation after Fifi , B3nchmarq, and A-Reece dumped the label on social media in February.

This led to a month-long social media frenzy after more artists parted ways with the label, allegedly due to money issues.

The current gag order that has been served to Fifi also prohibits her from making “any representations, on any media claiming ownership of the copyright and is to delete all the sound recordings in her possession”.