THE winner of the R114 million PowerBall jackpot is a 35-year-old Sowetan.

The woman, who lives in a back room, said when she saw other people queuing for Lotto tickets she decided to try her luck and bought a ticket.


“On my way home from work I saw a long queue and I knew the prize had to be big,” she said.

“I became curious and searched for some coins in my bag so I could play.”

The woman spent only R5 on the winning ticket, which she bought at a cafe in Roodepoort, Joburg.

“My four children live with my mother back home as I have to work in Joburg,” she said.

“I’m grateful that this money will give me the opportunity to raise my children, to take them to school, and to prepare their meals when they come back.”

Ithuba head of corporate relations, Busisiwe Msizi, said the winner was given counselling and financial advice so she’d make sound decisions in the future.

The winner said on top of buying a house for herself, she wanted to build her mum a new home.

She said she’d buy a new car but would have to learn to drive first.


“I can’t wait to drive past my ex-boyfriend in my new car.

“He’ll probably faint when he sees me waving at him.

“He broke up with me because I was broke and didn’t have a fancy job.”

The winner said she’d not be returning to work and was ready to start a new life.