“Nsfas deposited R5 000 000 000 into this one’s bank account.”

This tweet didn’t take long to break the internet.


Kgadi ya di Tlou tweeted that NSFAS had transferred well over R5 billion into a student’s account.

The transaction reportedly happened on 08 February, by the looks of the photo of the SMS on the phone.

According to Kgadi ya di Tlou, the student confirmed with the bank and went to report it.

Following that it didn’t take long for NSFAS to ask Kgadi ya di Tlou on Twitter to provide them with more information.

“Hi, @Kgetsa275 Please may you DM us the person's details ASAP !!!!! Thanks.”

Twitter went into a frenzy when they read about the mistake.

“NSFAS is busy sending 5 billion to one person.. while some of us have been waiting for our book allowances. Classes have started but still no notification whatsoever,” said Apelele_ngubs.

In 2017 NSFAS transferred well over R14 million into Sibongile Mani, who instead of reporting the mistake blew the money.

She reportedly spent R820, 000 in 73 days, between 01 June and 13 August.

Mani spent an average of R11, 000 a day.

The Hawks arrested Mani in May 2018 for theft, after student fund distributor Intellimali, opened a case on 5 September 2017.