MPHO Galetshitse, a Covid-19 survivor, says people should know that the virus is real.

The You FM news reporter said the experience taught her to appreciate life and be thankful for each day.

Mpho said the fear that she’d leave her kids behind while they were still young was devastating.

She tested positive last month.

“I don’t know where I got the virus. I don’t want to lie.”

Mpho told Daily Sun that she had all the typical symptoms.

“It started with diarrhoea and a dry cough. I had a loss of smell and taste, chills, severe headaches and my body was sore. I decided to get tested when I couldn’t breathe properly,” she said.

“My mum made me a flu concoction of lengana, marijuana, garlic and ginger. My doctor also gave me medication and I steamed a lot with eucalyptus oil.”

Mpho said after four days, she started feeling better. “I was up and down but eventually on the sixth day, I felt fully recovered. I spent the Easter weekend with my family as I was feeling sick.

“However, I was relieved when I tested negative,” she said.

“My parents and close friends, and especially my husband, supported me a lot. I felt so blessed and loved.

“The whole experience taught me to appreciate life and be thankful for each day. Most of the people I know and interact with were not judgmental but supportive.”

Mpho said she wanted to share her story so people could know that Covid-19 was real and very painful.

“They should follow the regulations and spend most of their time with indoors.”