FOR these two young men, the corona pandemic has created a business opportunity.

Bongani Morake (28) and Oratile Sibanda (28) from Dobsonville, Soweto, heard how people were complaining about sanitisers burning their hands.

So they came up with a solution: a three-in-one machine with a water tap, soap and sanitiser dispenser.

Bongani told Daily Sun the machine was designed with the coronavirus in mind, but can work long after the virus is no longer with us.

“Hygiene will be very important even after the pandemic has died down,” said Bongani.

“Businesses can buy this machine from us for R6 500 and re-brand it with their own logo. It is also lightweight, so it can be easily transported.”

Bongani said the dispenser can also be hired at occasions for R1 500.

Bongani said he worked with Oratile to create the unique product.

“We decided to use sensors so that people don’t have to touch the taps,” said Bongani.

Sibusiso Sibeko (22) told Daily Sun shops in malls should consider buying the machine so that people aren’t forced to use sanitisers that burn their hands.

“When I’m in a mall I may go into five shops. That means five different sanitisers that burn my hands and some sanitisers are sticky,” he said.

“It’s better if I have the option of washing my hands.”

Another shopper said she’d like this machine to be put at kasi fast foods shops.

“People can sanitise before buying and wash their hands before eating, so they can eat comfortably without tasting the sanitizer on their hands,” she said..”