WHEN a famous actress and life coach had a problem with her car, she thought a mechanic was her only hope. 

But it was a 15-year-old pupil who came to her rescue. 

This after Nomasebe Dondolo’s car refused to start on the side of the road at Dongwe in Lukanji, Eastern Cape, yesterday morning. 

She said she called her insurance and roadside assistance, but with no luck. 

Nomasebe Dondolo was shocked after a pupil diagnosed and fixed her car.

She said her cousin’s colleague brought a “mechanic”, who was in his class in Ekuphumleni High School. “He then told me: ‘Ungamdeleli uyawazi umsebenzi wakhe’ (Don’t look down on him, he knows his job),” she posted on social media. 

“The 15-year-old came and checked.

If this is not a practical confirmation of his talent and abilities, I don’t know.”

 Nomasebe, who is well known for featuring in shows such as Stokvel and Home Affairs, took videos while the boy fixed her car and shared them on social media.

Attempts to reach the pupil were fruitless. Social media went abuzz after Nomasebe posted the videos. ) Bulelani Lholho Mbenga wrote: “This is what South Africa needs.

A change in the education system.

Giving pupils skills at an early stage of their development, not just numbers and words.

If technical or practical subjects are compulsory in our education system, unemployment would really be a thing of the past, even drop outs would be capacitated with skills to really make something of themselves.” 

Tlaki Moeleso Wa Rams wrote: “Can we just start something for him please? “Starting with school uniform then a scholarship fund. He is gifted.”

Watch videos below: