"Iyoh bangane, iyoh!"

This was a phrase made famous across Mzansi by television presenter Vinolia Mashego, better known as V-Mash.

And now she is no more.


The 56-year-old star, who was a presenter on Jam Alley, was allegedly found dead in her home in Mamelodi, Tshwane, by her family.

Speaking to Daily Sun her sister, Prelley Mashego, who did not have enough information, confirmed her sister's death and referred the paper to their father.

The second confirmation was given by her younger brother, Thabo Mashego, who told the People's Paper that her older sister was found dead today in her home in Mamelodi by their father after he had been looking for her.

"The whole family had been trying to reach her since Sunday with no luck. When we called her she did not answer and we assumed she was busy shooting. This morning our father then decided to go check up on her at her place as she still was not returning our calls

"When our father arrived, there was no answer and he had to forcibly gain access into the house. After gaining entry, that is when he discovered my sister had passed on at her home," said Thabo.

Unfortunately, her cause of death is still unknown.

The Mashego family asked for some privacy at this moment and more information will be shared in due course. 

At the time of her death, Vinolia had just landed a gig on Moja Love's prank show, Bheka Sikubambile, as a presenter.