MUSIC producer TNS recently shocked Mzansi when he pleaded with people to stop using muthi on him.

The 21-year-old producer, who owns record label TNS Music, made allegations on Instagram that a certain group in Durban was trying to sabotage his career.

“They try to do all these bad things so that I should quit, so that I give up, so that I become paralysed, so that in the end I’ll be unable to make the kind of music I made for South Africans,” he said.

Speaking to Daily Sun TNS, whose real name is Nkazimulo Ngema, said he didn’t plan to break down but had a lot on his chest as a lot was happening at the time.

“I’m okay now. My fans can stop worrying about me. I was just pouring my heart out.

“The ending of that Instagram video was really not my plan at all. It just happened.

“I’m glad it happened because I needed to pour it all out.”